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Front View
Rear View
Living Room
Stairs at Entry
Master Bath
Front Door
Basement Plan
Ground Floor Plan
Second Floor Plan
Reflected Ceiling Plan
Ground Floor Structural Plan
Second Floor Structural Plan
Specialty Sections-Details
Specialty Sections-Details
Specialty Sections-Details

Schafer Residence

Cape Girardeau, Missouri USA

Area: 9250 sf

Private Owners

Set in a hilly wooded site in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, this 9000 sf craftsman style home melds easily into the surrounding landscape while maintaining a timeless presence among the trees. The home is designed with a simple flow in mind. An open porch reminiscent of historic homes of the south greets the visitor and guides them effortlessly to a finely crafted entry. As one enters the home they are on one of two circulation axis that allow views and circulation to flow to each edge of the home. This main axis, gives the visitor an extraordinary view from the front foyer through the home to the framed glassy views of the forest behind the house. These flow though axis give the home a very open and welcome feel while establishing a simple hierchy of spaces throughout. We chose warm welcoming materials with low maintenance and elegant aging properties.


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