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entry canopy
Dusk Upper Level
entry canopy from concourse
Concourse Courtyard
Minor Canopy
Concourse Waiting Area
Upper Level Canopies
Waiting Areas
Concourse Level
Ground Level
Ground Level Enlarged
Concourse Reflected Ceiling Plan
Concourse Ceiling Details
Canopy Details
Project Sections
Elevation Details

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The E​l Monte Station

AIA Next LA Award 2010

El Monte, CA​

Area: 350,000 sf

METRO Los Angeles

As Design Leader for RNL Design Los Angeles, Ron Schafer, guided the design process for this state of the art Bus Transit Station. It was built within budget and is now open and operating.


​In searching for the overall guiding design principles for the El Monte Transit Station, we studied the physical transformation of the city bus through the last 80 years. We discovered a softening over time of the overall design from a block like form into a more fluid, smooth form. Through this investigation, Motion + Movement became a defining concept for the design of the El Monte Transit Station. The concept is realized at the initial experience, the angled walls of the entry buildings, the sculpted fabric entry canopies, the paving systems, directional signage and the fabric canopies at the bus berths on the upper level.

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