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Night Aerial
Eye level from street
Site Plan
Site Plan with Spacial Descriptions
Sections Vertical Circulation
Floor Plans
Basement Parking Plan
Black and White Aerial
Street Level View

While with RNL/Charlesgroup, in the position of Design Director, Ron Schafer led the architectural design of this this 45,000sm mixed use development of 6,800sm retail, 3200 sm of amenities and 35,000sm of apartments (561 units). It was designed to blur the definition between street edge, open space and typical housing massing. Our project is divided into three main massing components, base retail at ground level, second level communal residential uses and apartments on the upper levels. We undulated the retail podium to accentuate the most desirable corner retail areas and created amphitheater opportunities on the roof. Our second level combines all of the separate elevator lobbies into a few focused spaces that serve as communal lobbies. These shared spaces flow out onto the richly landscaped roof of the retail, providing a welcome respite for the residents. At differing locations throughout the volume, we have provided garden spaces promoting a shared experience for the residents.


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Jin Tang White Collar Housing

AIA Next LA Award 2011

Chengdu, China

Area: 45,000 sm 

Chengdu Jintang Dev. Invest. Co.

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