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Luxe Hill Town Center
Luxe Hills Retail Circulation
Street Level View Site H
Overall Site Plan
Aerial Site H
Aerial Site G
Luxe Hills Presentation Material
Street Level View Site H
Street Level View of Site G
Street Level View of Site G

Luxe Hills

Town Center

Chengdu, China                                   

While with RNL/Charlesgroup, Ron Schafer, led the design of all of the architectural aspects for Luxe Hills Town Center's development parcels.

This project, Luxe Hills Town Center, is a 3 block anchor development at the heart of a 30,000 resident golf community in Chengdu, China. This grouping of three sites includes a athletic club plus high rise residential, a retail destination plus high-rise residential towers and a 4 star resort hotel. Our team took all three project parcels through master planning and two parcels through Schematic Design.


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