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Jiangwan New Town

Shanghai, China 

Tishman Speyer New York

While with RNL/Charlesgroup, Ron Schafer as Design Director, lead the creative effort to expand the team's design concept and develop a unique architectural centerpiece for this 421.500sm large multi-use development. We specifically focused on the 85,700sm of integrated retail.


This was a strategic planning study to help identify the right phased development approach for the site and to determine the right character/ place making principles for the centerpiece retail/public spaces to link to the adjacent mass transit node. A river walk central spine was conceived to tie the district together and to combine with the sustainable infrastructure being developed as a unique feature for the site. We added the heart, a retail entertainment island of a curvilinear form to stand out among the more perpendicular architectural forms surrounding it.


Our concept metaphor was of the central spine river as a rope flowing through the project with twists and turns but not actually reaching any "place" along the "river-rope". With our new island as the heart of the development, we metaphorically tied a knot in the rope, adding a needed "place" along the "river-rope" path.


Aerial of Entertainment Island
Road Level View
In Progress Road Level View
Lower Level View
In Progress Lower Level View
Lower Level Plans
Street Level Plans
Retail Analysis
Island Section
Overall Presentation Material

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