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Jin Tang Mixed Use Master Plan

​Jin Tang, Chengdu China

Site Area: 475,000sm

Builtup Area : 988,500sm

Yong Jing Group + American Prosper

This vibrant mixed-use destination in the heart of China near the city of Chengdu, is set along a major river and a busy thoroughfare creating a vibrant nexus of water and street edges woven together with parks and pedestrian oriented streets. Our project provides a place for the residents of nearby residential-only developments to gather, shop, live, work, and play. The mix of garden-style offices on river walks, indoor and outdoor shopping, hotels combined with convention facilities, and contemporary living in twenty-first century residential towers and river-facing villas bring a vibrancy that draws visitors and clients from all across China.


Overall Aerial Rendering
Location Maps
Overall Area Distribution
Site Plan
Parcel K & L
Aerial View Main Plaza
Parcel I - Connector Park
View of Riverwalk
Parcel J & H
Aerial View

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